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What is it like to live and work in Roseville?

The city of Roseville is Placer County’s largest, and home to a population of 141,500 according to 2019 US Census estimates. Interstate 80 runs through the city, connecting it to Sacramento in the southwest.

Let’s take a closer look at the cost of living, employment opportunities, education, transportation, leisure and more for this city in California.

Cost of Living in Roseville California

What is the Cost of Living in Roseville?

Sperling’s Best Places makes it easy to compare the cost of living in Roseville to the nationwide average as well as the average for California.

On a scale where the US average cost of living is 100, and numbers above 100 represent a higher cost of living, Roseville’s cost of living is 133.9.

Although this is significantly higher than the US average, it is not unexpected for a location in California.

In fact, Roseville is actually less expensive to live in than California is on average, as California’s score on this scale is 149.9.

Healthcare costs are a little bit lower than the nationwide average, and most other costs are just a little bit higher.

The biggest difference is in housing. With 100 representing the US average housing cost, the housing cost in Roseville is 200.5. But this is significantly lower than the 239.1 average housing cost for California.

The median home cost in the USA according to Sperling’s is $231,200. For California, it is $552,800. For Roseville, it is $463,600.

So, by living in Roseville, you can save money on housing over many other locations in California.

Plus, higher-than-average household incomes in Roseville help to offset the higher cost of housing.

Employment Opportunities in Roseville California

Employment Opportunities in Roseville

The US Census reports a median household income of $84,105 for Roseville. Sperling’s lists a similar number, $81,119, compared to a US average of $57,652.

So, you may have opportunities to earn significantly more living and working in the Roseville area then you would many other locations nationwide.

Education in Roseville California

Roseville Education

There are 35 public schools and 11 private schools in Roseville. There are also Sierra College and Brandman University extension campuses.

Students who grow up in the Roseville area may also choose to attend college at the nearby Sacramento State, University of California, University of the Pacific, or another educational institution in the vicinity.

Getting Around in Roseville California

Getting Around Roseville

In terms of public transportation options, residents in Roseville can ride 12 routes with the Roseville Transit service. Commuters can also take the Watt/I-80 RT light rail to communities like Lincoln, Rocklin and Auburn.

1.4% of residents use public transportation systems to commute. 8.1% work from home, 8.3% carpool, and the remaining 78.9% drive by themselves.

The average one-way commute time is 25.8 minutes, which is marginally shorter than the 26.4 minute US average.

Low Crime Rates in Roseville California

Roseville Has Low Crime Rates

Sperling’s ranks crime on a scale where 1 represents the lowest crime and 100 represents the highest crime.

On that scale, the US average violent crime rate is 22.7. In Roseville, it is only 14.1.

So, if you have been looking for a safe area to live, work and raise a family, Roseville is an excellent choice.

Weather Condition in Roseville California

How is the Weather in Roseville?

Roseville features a lovely temperate climate, receiving a ranking of 8.2 on the BestPlaces Comfort Index, where a score of 10 is the most comfortable.

During winter, the lows drop to around 39°F, and during the summer, they peak out at around 94°F.

On average, most US locations get around 205 sunny days each year. Roseville is sunnier, with about 247 sunny days every year. But with 21 inches of annual rain on average, the days remain pleasantly varied.

Leisure and Entertainment in Roseville California

Leisure and Entertainment in Roseville

There are a number of parks and museums in Roseville along with restaurants and shops you can enjoy on the evenings and weekends. You are also located adjacent to the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

A short drive down I-80 will bring you to Sacramento, where you can partake of even more amenities and attractions. Popular sites include the Old Sacramento Waterfront District, the Sacramento Zoo, and Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park.

If you wish, you can drive further southwest to take advantage of all the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer, or you can head to nearby Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, or one of the other nearby national forests for amazing outdoor recreational opportunities. This area literally has something for everyone.

Move Into Your Roseville Dream Home

With its economic opportunities, lovely climate, safe, inviting neighbourhoods, and numerous nearby attractions, Roseville is an incredible place to call home.

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